This is a blog I started to support the upcoming anime Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse.  Well, it’s not really a “blog”, I intend it to be mostly a dumping ground for translations of various articles and stuff that may be of interest.  Please feel free to repost anything you see here wherever you like.  I have zero interest in “credit” and you don’t even necessarily have to link back here – I only ask that you not pretend to have made the translation yourself.

I guess I’ll kick off this blog with what is known about the anime so far:


Original Work: Kouki Yoshimune (Ixtl / Age)
Executive Producer: Kouki Yoshimune
Director: Takayuki Inagaki
Character Design: Yumiko Hara
Chief Animation Directors: Rondo Mizukami, Kenji Shinohara
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
Animation Production: Ixtl x Satelight


Yuya Bridges – Daisuke Ono
Yui Takamura – Mai Nakahara
Cryska Barchenowa – Hitomi Nabatame
Inia Sestina – Mamiko Noto
Tarisa Manandal – Sakura Nogawa
Vincent Lowell – Tomokazu Sugita

Airdate: Summer 2012

(Although not mentioned, it seems pretty likely that the main writer will indeed be Hiroshi Yamaguchi, as was originally leaked last year.)

Just to note, “Ixtl” is not an animation company, but a company founded by Age, apparently to manage its copyright.  They’ve never fully explained just what it does or how the companies are different, except to assure fans that it’s all a behind-the-scenes reorganization that should help things run more smoothly but will not affect fans in any way.  At any rate, we can think of Ixtl as essentially being Age itself.  I’ve never seen an Animation Production credit like that before, and it seems to imply that the original creators of Muv-Luv are involved with the anime production on a level far beyond what is typical of a normal adaptation.

Information for Total Eclipse will probably come out through magazines like Newtype (which comes out every 10th of the month) and Tech Gian (every 21st).  Other magazines will have info too, but these should be the major ones.  The other major source of information is going to be Kouki Yoshimune’s Twitter account.  Yoshimune is the CEO of Age and the creator/writer for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Muv-Luv Alternative, and Total Eclipse.  He’s also a huge blabbermouth on Twitter, which of course is great news for fans.  In addition to Twitter, he hosts occasional NicoNico Live broadcasts where he shows off the latest news.  As for the near future, watch for big news from the upcoming special magazine Gianism Vol. 2 (out March 30th) and the live event TE MEMORIAL NIGHT powered by MUV-LUV (April 7th).  The upcoming game Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 03 (out March 30th) is also said to include a trailer for the anime.


3 Responses to Introduction

  1. haipa says:

    Unless they replace him Rikiya Koyama is sure to reprise his role as Ibrahim Doğulu from the teaser released with the Altered Fable fandisc in 2007.

    As for ixtl… yeah it seems to have taken the place of ACID (parent company of the three soft-houses âge, phi-âge and mirâge) in copyright assignments. Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 02, the remake of Kimi ga ita Kisetsu and Alternative’s XBox 360 port released last year had both ixtl and âge as copyright holders.

    As an aside, among those credited for the TE anime is “Alternative Plan I”. Hmmm…

    • type94 says:

      (Sorry, your comment was stuck in moderation, which I didn’t realize was the default behavior. I’ve changed that, hopefully.)

      I’ll do another post about Ixtl later, but as for “Alternative Plan I”, that’s simply the name of the production committee for the anime. Every anime has a production committee formed specifically for it; some just have fancier names than others. They obviously chose this name because they would like to make more anime after this, but it’s essentially just wishful thinking.

  2. aaltomies says:

    Good to see that you decided on the blog. I’ll still credit you whenever I use some of your information. Keep on the good work, my friend.
    – TKNG

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