Newtype 04/2012

Here are a few selected quotes from this month’s Newtype article, from director Takayuki Inagaki:

“I was a fan of the original, so much so that I begged a producer I knew to let me do the anime (laughs).”

“I got into the anime industry because I wanted to draw mechs.”

“It’s been a long time since we had a show where robots are portrayed as conventional weapons used by the military.”

“Pilots and mechs are gathered from many different countries, and their different ideologies come into conflict.  I would especially like Real Robot fans to look forward to this.”

“As far as the action goes, we’re going for a more realistic feel than Satelight’s other show Aquarion Evol.”

“Although our main characters are in the military, in this world, war has continued for decades, and many of the adults have died out, so 17-18 year olds are pilots.  In that sense it’s not that different from your average high school show.  Even though this is a war story, I want people who are the same generation as these characters to empathize with them.”

“I think that this story’s core is very thick.  The foundation of this work is how people continue to live on in the midst of the cruelty of war.  People are portrayed very candidly, so the drama is very stern and impressive.  Of course, those who don’t want to think too hard and simply want to see cute girls and robots will also find something to like in this show (laughs).  I think people can enjoy this show no matter what they are looking for.”


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