So, I learned the other day that Ixtl now has its own website up.

Contrary to what I had kind of been thinking, it seems that Ixtl is not just an offshoot of ACID (Age’s parent company), but a distinctly separate company.  The president of Ixtl is Takashi Nakanishi, the former president of AG-ONE and the current vice-president of MAGES (the combination of 5pb and AG-ONE).  If I had to guess, I would say that Yoshimune probably convinced MAGES to assign some of their employees to handle Age’s copyrights, and together they formed a new company.

It’s not just copyrights, though – Ixtl is credited for helping to plan the upcoming live event in April, and apparently they’ve also started managing Minami Kuribayashi’s career.  These are all things that ACID used to do.  Yoshimune mentioned in the past that this reorganization would help them put out games faster, and it looks like the reason for that is that now ACID can focus completely on game development, while Ixtl will handle all of the other stuff they used to do – copyright, licensing, merchandising, event planning, career management.

I still have no idea why Ixtl is credited on Animation Production, though.  It may simply be some legal thing.


One Response to Ixtl

  1. AcroRay says:

    Thanks very much for the tidbits of news you’re sharing! I for one am looking forward to many more!

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