Anime Expo

Anime Expo has put up their preliminary schedule.  Curiously, despite the TE website being pretty firm that the AX showing would take place on 7/1, there is no trace of it on the Sunday schedule.  Instead, there are TWO showings, both BEFORE the Japanese premiere – one on Friday at 3:30, and one on Saturday at 7.  Now, there is an advance screening event of the first two episodes in Japan on Friday, so even if this schedule holds up, the Japanese will still get their advance screening first (albeit only by a matter of hours).  Even so, I’m having a bit of a hard time believing this schedule, considering how crazy the Japanese usually get about dirty foreigners getting stuff before they do.  But maybe that really is just the kind of push Avex wants to make with this show.  That would be an intriguing and welcome change of pace.

As for what the panel will have, considering the recent announcement that they’ll screen the first two episodes at the Japanese advance screening, I get the feeling we’re going to get the first two episodes as well.  Both panel listings at AX budget out 1 1/2 hours, which seems awful long for a single episode.  We’ll also get a talk event with Kouki Yoshimune (as well as what promises to be the hilarity of some poor translator trying to keep up with his long rambles), which I don’t expect will be too long or too detailed considering how unknown Muv-Luv is in America.  And we’ll get a small mini-live with Minami Kuribayashi and ayami, likely restricted to just their Muv-Luv songs.  Odds seem good they’ll sing their new songs from the Total Eclipse anime.

Anyway, things are looking pretty good.  I’m still half expecting changes to that schedule, but if it holds up . . . damn, look at that Friday.  A screening of the Fate/Zero finale with the production staff, followed immediately by a screening of the Total Eclipse premiere with the production staff.  That’s the highlight of AX, right there.


2 Responses to Anime Expo

  1. AcroRay says:

    Wish I was going… sigh. Thanks for the aggregation of news, though! :-)

  2. dc1293 says:

    Hard to believe that the ep is going to an hour and half long, but it is I don’t anyone would mind at all ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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