Anime Expo Update

The new schedule is up.  The Saturday panel has been removed, and replaced with a Sunday night “screening”, lasting 2 1/2 hours.  The Friday panel, lasting 1 1/2 hours, is now marked as a “panel”, different from the Sunday “screening”.  Most likely the Friday panel is just a preliminary discussion panel, and Sunday will have the screening and mini-live (after the Japanese premiere).

That makes a LOT more sense.  I can only imagine that whoever put up that first version got reamed out by the Japanese side.

(Also, is nobody at Anime Expo capable of spelling “Eclipse”?  It’s not a hard word, guys.  Although it does remind me how Yoshimune was laughing on Twitter about how so many Japanese folks didn’t know what the English word “eclipse” meant, or why they were celebrating the solar eclipse with a tie-in event.  Is there nobody on either side of the Pacific who knows this word?)


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