Animage 09/12 – Mai Nakahara & Hitomi Nabatame

– What do you think looking back at the prologue?

Nabatame: I was surprised at the first two episodes.  I once again understood that these characters live in a world where these kind of things can happen, and when I thought about being in this world myself, I really was scared.  Cryska appears starting in the third episode, but compared to Kyoto, I thought Alaska is pretty peaceful (laughs).

Nakahara: For me, in the first two episodes, Nabatame-san and Noto-san (Mamiko Noto, voice of Inia) weren’t there, and then we had those developments . . . in the third episode, everybody was there, and I felt “TE has finally begun”.

Nabatame: Also, while I knew that Cryska used a two-seat machine, when I saw the anime I really felt for the first time the proximity and the relationship between the two as they talked.

– What did you think of each other’s characters?

Nakahara: I thought Cryska would be a little more harsh, but she’s more adorable than I imagined.  You can feel that at her core she’s a nice girl.  As for Inia, she looks cute on the outside but mentally I think she’s a strong girl.  I think Cryska is actually the weaker one inside, and she’s the one who needs to be protected.  Maybe that gap is what boys swoon over (laughs).

Nabatame: When Yui was in school, she was so young and cute, it was quite an impact (laughs).  But when you get to the third episode, because of what she accumulated in the first two episodes, she has that quiet strength.  Because you don’t feel that kind of strong will from Cryska, she feels less dependable and more fragile.  Of course Yui is still cute even now.  She’s very bashful.

Nakahara: Being seen being embarrassed is what is most embarrassing for her.  That’s very fitting for her age (laughs).

– Yui and Cryska have also come into contact with each other.

Nakahara: They’ve talked, but only as soldiers, and only about Yuuya – it’s only with Yuuya between them that they first build a relationship.  Yui is intrigued by Cryska, but she herself is still just a child and she has her hands full with Yuuya and herself, so I think she can’t spare the time to think about Cryska.

Nabatame: And Cryska only starts to be interested in Yuuya because she finds out Inia is interested in him.  There’s no connection between Yui and Cryska, and the three of them can’t quite be said to be in a love triangle yet.  I hope people watch to see how the relationships between Cryska and Yuuya, and between Yui and Cryska, develop.

– Please leave a message for the fans.

Nabatame: The story is going to develop in a large and thrilling way.  The cast and staff are all excited about this show, so I would be happy if you can feel that emotion through the screen.

Nakahara: I’m too close to Yui, so every week the day before the recording sessions is always exhausting (laughs), but everybody is putting their soul into their performances, so please look forward to what comes next.


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