What Comes Next: The Waiting Game

Obviously, for anime fans, the big thing coming up will be whatever is on the 9th, final BD/DVD.  At present it is still solicited at full price for “1 episode + bonus footage”, which is basically a guarantee that we will be getting some kind of OVA.  The only real questions are how many and what will they be about.  The production side seems to be keeping a lid on details right now.  When asked straight up about it on Twitter, Yoshimune mentioned only that that question would “spoil the game”.  If I had to guess, I would say that the new episode(s) will be set after the series and will offer more character closure, touching on plotlines from the end of the story without getting too deep into details.  After many conflicting reports, Yoshimune has confirmed that what we’ve seen so far – up to the terrorist arc – comprises 2/3rds of the final story, so it’s a bit much to expect the final 1/3rd to be covered in one or two episodes.

I’m sure most people have heard that the game has been delayed from February to May. I have to say that I was deeply unsurprised by this.  Age has a terrible reputation for delays, and I had doubted they could make their deadline even before they fired their main artist.  They seem to have given it their best shot anyway, but it just didn’t work out.  Again – disappointed, but not surprised.

Yoshimune mentioned that they’ve already started getting the actors in to record their lines, and he’s apparently found time to work on the next TE novel, so I’m pretty sure the script for the game is basically done.  I suspect the problem is on the game production end.  Art is a major concern, obviously – again, they were not the most punctual of companies even when they had an in-house artist dedicated full-time to TE.  Now, they’ve apparently got Gai Sugihara (aka Baka Ouji Persia, the artist for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) as the main artist, which is a problem, because he’s also essentially Age’s second-in-command, and he’s busy with all kinds of other company work.  (When asked once why they weren’t putting out any more games with his artwork, Yoshimune replied that doing all the art for another game, with his schedule, “would kill him”.)  They’ve rounded up everybody at Age who can draw to back him up (including Yoshimune himself, who is apparently stuck drawing some of the old grizzled commanders where it doesn’t matter nearly as much whether the art is attractive or not), but it’s still not a great position to be in.  They may also be having hardware trouble – they ported the original games over to PS3 and Xbox 360, but this is the first game they’re developing for those consoles natively, and there may be unforeseen difficulties.

Anyway, I suspect they’ve delayed the game to mid-May because the 9th BD/DVD comes out at the end of May.  Like I said, they seem determined to get the game out before whatever’s on the last disc hits the shelves, afraid of spoiling the game, so this is as far back as they can push it.  I’m not terribly concerned about delays, because, as I said, I think the story is pretty much set in stone at this point, and everything after that point is just about getting the game to look nice.  This game is a big deal for them – it’s now been 7 years since Alternative came out, and this game will mark the first time since then that they have managed to finish the story for a major Muv-Luv franchise.  Think about that for a second – they’ve spent 7 years creating all sorts of spin-offs, and only now are they actually managing to finish one.

They’ll be doing a talk show at Budokan on February 11.  They might announce new info about the 9th BD/DVD there, although I kind of doubt it.  There was going to be a concert that night too, but it’s been delayed indefinitely.  Given the timing, I suspect it’s because the game was delayed.  I’d like to think that the franchise isn’t so cursed that all sorts of unrelated problems keep creeping up on separate branches of the project.

Dengeki Muv-Luv Vol. 3 comes out at the end of March.  I think this will be a good place to check in on for info.  They’ve probably got to do some restructuring too – originally the game was supposed to come out a month earlier, so they had likely devoted quite a bit of the magazine to discussing game spoilers.  That will all have to go.  I’m hoping for some anime retrospectives, since this will be the first volume to come out after the anime finished airing.  Hopefully they’ll schedule a Vol. 4 to come out after the game; I doubt they’ll keep making these after that, but I’ve underestimated this franchise before.

Also appearing at the end of March are new novels for both Total Eclipse and Schwarzesmarken.  Like I said, since Yoshimune apparently had time to work on this, I’m not too concerned about the game script.  This novel, volume 6, should wrap up the Blue Flag arc and move into the terrorist arc, which the 7th novel will presumably wrap up.  Yoshimune has consistently promised that the entire Total Eclipse story will come out in novel form, which only makes sense – the people who supported Total Eclipse as a novel, more than anybody else, are the ones who proved that a Muv-Luv spinoff can be successful, and who have brought us to this point.  It would be pretty ungrateful to leave the novels unfinished and force people to buy a console game to finish the story.

As for me, I have a lot to say about the anime after taking the whole thing in and seeing how it all fits together.  And I really do mean a LOT to say – even without having written one word of it yet, I can tell it’s going to be long as hell.  That said, I’m really enjoying writing at my own pace without forcing myself to slap everything together before the next episode hits (which is why I’ve been so slow putting up the post on episodes 20-24).  So for now I’ll say it’ll probably be up by the end of February, although it might easily go into March.

Of course, I’ll still post up news about the final BD/DVD, and once it comes out at the end of May I’ll put up a post on it too.  But otherwise, except for maybe some interviews if they interest me, I’ll be more or less done.  I started this site to promote the anime, and once the anime is finally done, I probably won’t have much to say until the next Muv-Luv anime (God willing) starts up.


2 Responses to What Comes Next: The Waiting Game

  1. Tiramisu says:

    What are the sales like for the volumes that are out so fat?

  2. Anon says:

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for all the work you put in this blog.
    I recently finished watching MuvLuv Alternative Total Eclipse anime and I ended up here while searching the net for more informations.

    With pleasure I’m finishing reading all your entries and I’m looking forward to see your future ones.

    While watching the anime, I really grew fond of the show (and the background settings): I was new to MulLuv and I’d say those first two episodes did their job pretty well hooking me up.

    Here follows my request:
    Since you might, soon or later, stop updating this blog, I wanted to ask if you might give me a way to contact you in the future.

    An e-mail address or even a Steam contact would be fine.

    You seam to know a lot about Total Eclipse and MuvLuv universe, so you might be a valuable source to milk for informations. ;D

    Joking aside, I’d love to have someone as knowledgeable as you to talk about MuvLuv: I really like the settings and I plan to dive in more (next step will probably be the visual novels).

    Waiting for your aswer, I beg your pardon for my far from perfect English (being Italian, English isn’t my main language).

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