Muv-Luv English Localization

June 30, 2015

I assume most Muv-Luv fans have heard by now, but this is happening:

Yes, they will be launching a Kickstarter sometime in the next few months to release Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative in English.  The plan seems to be to start with a Steam release, with other releases to come later.  More details to come on Friday, when Ixtl will appear at Anime Expo to hold a press conference.  Unfortunately, I won’t be attending, since they announced this so late, but I’ll be eagerly awaiting details.

I wanted to post about such a momentous occasion, but I didn’t really have anything to add, so I held off.  However, their Twitter account has now posted a poll with an important question:

Everybody reading this needs to go to this poll right now and vote for “TSF Pilot”.  This is SO IMPORTANT.  I normally don’t ask anything of you guys, but I am asking you to make sure that this game does not go down the crapper less than 24 hours after the very first announcement.  If this game (and subsequently any future English games) uses the word “Eishi” I am going to cry.  Do the right thing, guys.

(Actually, technically “Surface Pilot” is the official translation, but I am willing to back any translation that gets it in the general ballpark, and “TSF Pilot” is what’s in the lead.)

(I also hope they recognize that all of the “Pilot” options should be grouped together and counted as votes against “Eishi”.)