Schwarzesmarken Anime Timing?

July 20, 2015

The newest issue of Tech Gian has revealed some interesting news about the upcoming Schwarzesmarken games which may provide hints about the anime.  According to the games’ director, Schwarzesmarken was split into two games specifically to coordinate with the anime.  Now, I haven’t read the interview personally so I don’t know for sure that people have reported the contents correctly, but the idea seems to be that each release should have something new to get fans interested:

– The first game will cover the first half of the story.
– The anime, which will air in between the two releases, will cover the entire story, so that fans of the first game can see how the story ends before the second game is released.
– Finally, the second game will include not only the ending to the story, but also two additional routes, so that even fans who have already watched the anime will have something new to look forward to.

This is an interesting strategy, making sure that there is always an incentive to pick up the newest release.

Assuming I’m reading this information correctly, what does that mean for the anime? The first game is scheduled to be released on September 18, and the second game is tentatively scheduled for “winter-time”, so based purely on the game dates, the most logical scenario is that the anime will start this October, right after the first game comes out, with the second game coming out right after the anime ends.

Could the anime really be starting this October? The anime hasn’t even been officially announced yet (as I said before, the original announcement only stated “planning in progress”), and this is right around the time that promotion should be ramping up for the fall shows. For comparison, by this point several magazines had published articles and interviews on the Total Eclipse anime, including the massive spread in Gianism Vol. 2. There’s nothing in the Tech Gian interview that says the anime has to air immediately after the first game, so it’s certainly possible that the anime will air later and the second game will simply be pushed back.

On the other hand, there are other shows scheduled for October that are just being announced right now (like the new Gundam), so it’s also certainly possible that Schwarzesmarken could be one of them – for instance, if production is already well underway but there is just one last contract or something that needs to be ironed out before they can make the “official” announcement.

If the anime really is going to air in the fall, the official announcement would probably come within the next few days . . .