Schwarzesmarken Anime Timing 2

August 5, 2015

To nobody’s surprise, Age announced today that the first Schwarzesmarken game has been delayed to November. What was surprising, though, was that they stated that the reason was not because they had fallen behind schedule (which they have something of a reputation for), but because they wanted to coordinate things with the anime. Apparently, all the companies involved agreed that this would be best for both the game and the anime.

They didn’t really go into more detail than that, but most fans seem to agree that this likely means the anime production committee has decided that the anime won’t be able to air in the fall. The push back to November seems to indicate that the current plan is to start the anime in January, for the winter season. I wouldn’t normally think it was necessary to postpone a game that Age insists is basically already finished, so it looks like they really are banking heavily on this strategy of releasing the game and anime in tandem, riding the wave of hype surrounding the game’s release directly into the anime’s premiere.

So, for the time being, I would expect the Schwarzesmarken anime to air in January. This is of course only based on what we know for now, and it’s possible for plans to change again before things are settled.

(They didn’t mention the second game, which is certainly going to be delayed to a later date. It’s not a big deal, as I don’t expect them to keep whatever date they wind up announcing anyway. Whoops, there’s that reputation again . . .)