Schwarzesmarken Episode Count

Today is the premiere of the Schwarzesmarken anime! I hope everybody has already watched the first episode.

As I did with Total Eclipse, I’ll be grouping posts by arc, so the first big anime post will come when the first storyline finishes, likely next week. There also haven’t been any major interviews in magazines like Newtype like there were for Total Eclipse either, but that will likely change now that the show has started airing, so I’ll keep an eye out for those as well.

After the first episode aired, the official anime site put up a Discography page, which unfortunately confirms what fans have been speculating over the past month – the home video release will be 6 volumes at the same price for each, a standard release for 12-episode shows. Other preorder pages, such as at Amazon, confirm that each release will indeed be 2 episodes each.

Split-cour shows, in which a second season of 12 episodes airs later in the year, have become more common, but that’s not what’s happening here either. As I mentioned before, Age has confirmed that the intention is for the anime to go through the complete story, followed by a “winter” release of the second game. In other words, by the time they release the second game (likely in April or May), the anime should already have finished the story.

Finally, the first episode pretty clearly shows the anime’s intention to move quickly through the story. At the pace shown in the first episode, I believe it is indeed possible to get through the entire story in 12 episodes, with some judicious cutting.

I’ll have more to say on this topic in the first major anime post, but for now I’ll just say that I have faith in director Tetsuya Watanabe to fit the story into a single season, and that the first episode was a strong example of how to move quickly without losing track of the story.


One Response to Schwarzesmarken Episode Count

  1. Darthtabby says:

    I found your commentary on Total Eclipse quite informative, so I’ll be looking forward to your commentary on Schwarzemarken.

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