Kickstarter Bonuses

The Muv-Luv Kickstarter added a new update today announcing that they will be translating a Schwarzesmarken Demo and the Total Eclipse side story The Imperial Capital Burns, based on the first two episodes of the Total Eclipse anime. The reason why these two were chosen is clear – they happen to be the same bonuses included with first-print copies of the Japanese Vita ports released just a couple of weeks ago. Basically, they’ll be providing Kickstarter backers with the same bonuses that the Japanese fans got. It also works out well from a technical standpoint – they’ve already been programmed as standalone applications, so they don’t need to any further work besides inserting the English text.

My understanding is that the Schwarzesmarken demo covers only up to Katia’s rescue and return to base – about half of the first episode of the anime. It’s not a lot of material, but that’s what it means to be a sneak preview. As for the Total Eclipse side-story, it is MASSIVELY expanded from the original anime episodes, with a heavy focus on internal Japanese politics. The concept of a modern-day Japanese Empire is one of the most controversial elements of the original Muv-Luv Alternative, and in this story we get to see exactly what that entails. It’s a fascinating read, and the picture it paints of how an antiquated Japanese system fits into the modern world is not what people will be expecting.

At the end of the Kickstarter update, they mention that they may use the leftover money to fund an extra “full project”. There really aren’t that many full projects to choose from – there’s Total Eclipse, Schwarzesmarken (not technically complete yet, but it will be by the time the original Muv-Luv Alternative has been released in English), and, depending on how you count it, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. If you really stretch things, you might add Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu, Owarinaki Natsu Towanaru Shirabe, or one of the Fan Club exclusive games, but it’s hard to imagine anybody wanting those over the first three. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I want Total Eclipse first, not only because I like it the most, but because both Schwarzesmarken and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien have gotten anime adaptations that finish out the story. Total Eclipse is the only one where you need the game to see the ending.


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  1. Would The Day After count as a “full project”? That would be nicely compatible with what backers will be getting in terms of the main trilogy VNs.

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