Japanese/English Cast of Project Mikhail

Project Mikhail, the customizable TSF action game, is now available on Steam for Early Access!

. . . That’s not the point of this post.

What I really wanted to talk about was how the official website has now updated with the cast of the game. The Japanese cast is the same cast as the anime, meaning we can use the cast list to determine the new voices for characters who have yet to appear in the anime. The Japanese cast is:

Takeru Shirogane – Kouichi Kamiki
Sumika Kagami – Tomori Kusunoki
Meiya Mitsurugi – Karin Nanami
Chizuru Sakaki – Miku Itou
Kei Ayamine – Iori Saeki
Miki Tamase – Takako Tanaka
Mikoto Yoroi – Lynn
Kasumi Yashiro – Kanon Takao
Marimo Jinguuji – Sayumi Watabe
Yuuko Kouzuki – Ruriko Aoki
Irina Pyatkh – Hitomi Sasaki
Mana Tsukuyomi – Hirone Yanagisawa
Michiru Isumi – You Taichi
Mitsuki Hayase – Hibiku Yamamura
Haruka Suzumiya – Mana Hirata
Misae Munakata – Anna Yamaki
Touko Kazama – Azumi Waki
Akane Suzumiya – Ayasa Itou
Haruko Kashiwagi – Maria Noda
Surface Pilot 1 – Satoru Fujinami
Surface Pilot 2 – Izumi Chiba
Surface Pilot 3 – Kayu Machida
Surface Pilot 4 – Yuki Okada
Asfana Shepsut – Haruka Kitagaito
Isfana Nepherte – Misaki Shiode

However, even more interesting, to me, is the fact that the game is completely dubbed into English! The English cast is:

Takeru Shirogane – Stephen Fu
Sumika Kagami – Lindsay Shepard
Meiya Mitsurugi – Kira Buckland
Chizuru Sakaki – Brittany Lauda
Kei Ayamine – Elizabeth Maxwell
Miki Tamase – Emi Lo
Mikoto Yoroi – Sarah Williams
Kasumi Yashiro – Lindsay Shepard
Marimo Jinguuji – Daisy Guevara
Yuuko Kouzuki – Elizabeth Maxwell
Irina Pyatkh – Maureen Price
Mana Tsukuyomi – Natalie Van Sistine
Michiru Isumi – Morgan Laure
Mitsuki Hayase – Corey Petit
Haruka Suzumiya – Carrie Savage
Misae Munakata – Michelle Rojas
Touko Kazama – Michelle Rojas
Akane Suzumiya – Leah Clark
Haruko Kashiwagi – Tia Ballard
Surface Pilot 1 – Matt Shipman
Surface Pilot 2 – Emi Lo
Surface Pilot 3 – Michelle Rojas
Surface Pilot 4 – Matt Shipman
Asfana Shepsut – Kristen McGuire
Isfana Nepherte – Brittany Lauda

Although the website doesn’t list this information, the English cast members have been tweeting about their participation in the game, and it sounds like it was recorded at Studio Nano, a newer dubbing studio located in Dallas-Fort Worth. Obviously, they use a lot of local talent associated with Funimation, but like a number of newer studios, they are also able to record a lot of LA-based actors online.

Interestingly, they managed to get back Carrie Savage as Haruka and Leah Clark as Akane from the old KimiNozo dub. That’s a pleasant surprise, particularly Carrie Savage. I had the impression she wasn’t doing much anime/game stuff anymore, but maybe she’s still up for reprisals. It seems like they couldn’t get Colleen Clinkenbeard back as Mitsuki, which is a shame, since they were already going 2 for 3.

I don’t know how anybody can hear about Project Mikhail game being dubbed and not immediately wonder: could this mean the Alternative anime is getting an English dub as well? So let’s go over the points for and against that possibility:


  • Crunchyroll hasn’t announced official numbers or anything, but I think most people would assume Alternative is probably not doing great numbers for them.
  • Crunchyroll already announced a slate of dubs for the fall season, and Alternative isn’t on it.
  • Studio Nano hasn’t done any dubs with Crunchyroll yet, to the best of my knowledge.


  • Well, they literally just launched a game with an English dub, right? Usually it’s the other way around – if there’s an anime and a game being released in America, it’s much more common for the anime to be dubbed and the game to be left in Japanese.
  • According to the show’s end credits, Crunchyroll is on the production committee for the anime, so it would seem to me like they might have a greater-than-normal interest in producing a dub for the show.
  • Despite having announced a slate of dubs for the fall season, Crunchyroll seems to be suggesting at the end of the above article that they might have more dubbing news at Anime NYC. So maybe they’re not done announcing all their dubs yet?

Of course, I hope we get a dub for the show eventually – just like with the anime itself, I like to see different takes on the same material, regardless of whether it turns out good or bad.

Anyway, that was a lot of talk about English dubbing, so let’s close out with another, more esoteric topic. See those names at the bottom of the cast list, Asfana and Isfana? They’re original characters in Project Mikhail (whose role in the game I don’t know – I haven’t actually played the game yet, sorry). But they sounded very familiar, so I thought and thought and thought, and finally I remembered: their names are, I believe, references to characters in Age’s old game Kaseki no Uta. For those who don’t know, Kaseki no Uta takes place on a distant planet in the distant future. Age and Kouki Yoshimune have also hinted that the game may or may not actually take place in the far future of Muv-Luv Alternative’s timeline. There are certain words and terminology that they chose to include in Alternative to hint at the possibility of such a thing.

The name Project Mikhail is itself a reference to Kaseki no Uta – Mikhail is a very mysterious and important word that appears in the game. Does this mean that Project Mikhail is heavily related to Kaseki no Uta? There was an interview with one of the developers where he basically said, not really, it was just an Easter egg since he was a fan of Kaseki no Uta. You’re free to decide how much you believe him – personally, I haven’t made up my mind yet on the subject. I will say that the apparent premise of Project Mikhail is not a million miles away from the truth behind the Mikhail of Kaseki no Uta.

Kaseki no Uta also had two other characters named Astana and Isphana – those names don’t match the Project Mikhail characters directly, but they’re obviously close enough that they must be intentional references. That said, the Project Mikhail characters look (and presumably act) completely different from the ones in Kaseki no Uta, so that I really could buy as just an Easter egg with no greater significance.

If Project Mikhail winds up actually having some plot significance with Kaseki no Uta, I’m sure I’ll end up explaining the context. For now, I guess we’ll just have to see where its story goes.


2 Responses to Japanese/English Cast of Project Mikhail

  1. kyo4444 says:

    Do you think we may see future visual novels dubbed?

    • type94 says:

      It seems unlikely. Project Mikhail was probably dubbed because they want to market it as an action game for people who aren’t necessarily visual novel fans. Visual novels themselves are so niche – and so voice intensive – that I doubt it will ever make financial sense to dub one.

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