Anime Rewatch 2021: Total Eclipse 6-7

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Well, it’s a pair of beach episodes. And for all that, I think they’re actually still pretty good. Yeah, there’s a little fanservice, but the vast majority of this arc is spent telling a surprisingly serious story. The focus is on establishing the relationships between Yuuya, Yui, and Cryska. Especially for Yuuya and Yui, this is an opportunity for them to have an experience outside of being superior officer and subordinate. Yui still tries to assert her rank some, but it quickly becomes obvious that this is not a situation that Yui can order her way out of.

Total Eclipse is largely a story about Yuuya and Yui coming to understand each other, and with the previous arc wrapping up with Yuuya getting a glimpse of Yui’s frame of mind, this story is a way to flip things around by allowing Yui to get a glimpse into Yuuya’s past. Later in the Blue Flag arc, Yifei will call Yui out for never making the effort to understand Yuuya, so it’s notable that this instance of it is basically involuntary – she overhears Yuuya explaining his backstory to Cryska, rather than taking proactive steps to find out.

As for Cryska, this is an opportunity for her to interact with Yuuya in person, rather than through a TSF or pointing a gun at him. Establishing a relationship between the two here helps the story through the next arc, as the characters travel to Russia.

… This story really doesn’t need to be two episodes. It would have been perfectly fine as a single episode. That seems to be a simple case of pandering, except there’s surprisingly little pandering going on. Seeing how many boob gags were added in the previous set of episodes, I would have expected the series to go all out at the beach. But instead, the runtime is mostly padded out with long pans of the three leads after getting stranded. It’s kind of restrained, keeping the focus on the characters rather than beach mishaps. Not that I’m complaining, see.


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